Beetles are aggravating insects you do not want near your home. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their hardened shell-like outer body with a vertical line makes them easily identifiable. They can invade your home through your foundation’s cracks, gaps, holes, doors, and windows.

If you are concerned about a beetle invasion in your home or business, choose Deft Pest solutions’ beetle control in Colorado Springs.


The Deft Pest Solutions Difference

We have the necessary tools and skills for beetle removal in Colorado Springs. We have a team of professionals committed to offering a high level of service. Choosing the wrong beetle exterminator in Colorado Springs can only worsen the situation. Some exterminator solutions can be harmful to your pets and families.

At Deft Pest, we know how and where to apply beetle control products. We will always ensure that your safety comes first if toxic chemicals are necessary.


All-Season Beetle Extermination in Colorado Springs

Like other insects, beetles don’t take a break. This means that you shouldn’t stop your extermination endeavors. While you might notice a lot of beetles in your home or business during certain months, they stay active throughout the year. We are committed to ensuring you have a comfortable business or home, no matter the season.


Let’s Help You Deal With Beetle Extermination

Beetle extermination in Colorado Springs is not a matter to gamble with. DIY pest control can be very harmful. There’s only one company to turn to for beetle removal in Colorado Springs; Deft Pest. Contact us online or call us at 719-3765-2576 for more information about how we can keep these pests away from your home.