Professional Centipede Extermination In Monument

Most of us think that it’s bad enough that spiders have 8 legs, but centipedes can have well over 100! These creepy, crawling creatures are not actually insects, but are known to entomologists as “anthropods,” and they are one of the most common pests to be found in backyards and basements across Colorado. If you are seeing these scary insects appear in your home, you need centipede pest control in Monument, CO.

Because centipedes eat insects to survive, they are typically found in the very same places –  especially the areas of your home that are known to trap moisture, such as cracks and crevices in the basement, underneath bathroom cabinets, in window wells, or in the mulch barriers around your foundation.

Are they dangerous? While centipede bites are rare due to the small size of their jaws, they do contain venom that can be irritating to the skin, and many people are terrified by the sight of them in their home – but smashing them leaves ugly stains that are hard to remove! If you are worried about centipedes, it is time to contact the experts for centipede extermination!

The Expert Approach

Fortunately, exterminators at Deft Pest Solutions are brave professionals who go into battle every day against the pests which seek to invade your home – even centipede pest control in Monument, CO! A centipede exterminator has studied this pest and knows how to deal with them.

First, they will provide a thorough inspection of your home and the surrounding property to find out what is attracting them as well as other pests and they will identify areas of concern, such as:

  • Moisture trapped under welcome mats
  • Around drains and behind baseboards
  • Soggy mulch after rain
  • Damp window wells, especially if they are full of leaves and pine needles
  • Moisture damage in basements
  • Standing water in the crawl space

Whatever conditions are leading to your issue, professional centipede extermination will identify underlying causes and provide you with an action plan.

Removing favorable conditions for pests is important for helping to maintain a pest free home, especially for centipede pest control in Monument, CO, but what about the pests who are already there? Your centipede exterminator will also treat your home to control the activity that you are experiencing now, as well as creating a barrier around the exterior of the home to protect you against centipedes and other pests that are trying to invade your beautiful home. 

Deft Pest Control Provides the Trusted Professionals in Monument, CO

Centipedes are a common problem that many homeowners face in Monument and the surrounding Colorado Springs area. This makes it important to build a relationship with a pest control professional that you can trust to treat your home like their own, and can perform your centipede extermination today!

At Deft Pest Control, we strive to be professionals that our community can trust to handle all of their pest control issues. Not only do we handle centipede pest control, but we provide a thorough inspection to detect any other issues or vulnerabilities related to pest control that you may have. Our service plans are ongoing, meaning that you will have a constant barrier for centipede pest control in Monument, CO.

Do not let centipedes – or any pests – take over your home. Call us today to set up a free inspection and enjoy living pest free in Colorado!

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