The centipedes, millipedes, and woodlice are arthropods and not insects, even if they live in the same conditions. Although unattractive and often considered a pest, especially when they venture into homes, they are harmless.


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All centipedes have venom glands located under their jaws, but their stings remain superficial because their stings do not pierce the skin of humans. In the worst case, the effect is comparable to that of a bee sting, and the symptoms usually go away within a few hours. The bite of the skullcap is also safe for pets like cats and dogs.

The continued presence of millipedes inside homes can indicate a serious humidity problem or the existence of a food source, such as rotten wood. Once in our homes, centipedes and centipedes invade damp places. Almost all centipede species feed on many harmful insects: fleas, carpet beetles, ants, silverfish, flies, cockroaches, woodlice, etc. As for millipedes or (Centipedes), they feed mostly on plant debris, organic matter, and plants.  Centipedes do not pose any danger to human health, they do not bite, they do not transmit diseases.

The only problem with house centipedes and millipedes is that they look scary, repulsive and they cause fear. Sometimes, bug exterminator is not enough. At this point, all you need to do is contact Deft Pest Solutions to offer you our significant and effective house centipede removal and all other types of pest control services as well.


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