After the cold winter has given way to the beautiful sunshine Colorado Springs is known for, it often brings with it a resurgence of unwanted guests – namely, ants and spiders! Learn more about ant & spider control in Colorado Springs.

Ants are one of the most common pests in the world, including in Colorado Springs. Ants live in large colonies and send workers out to find food to bring back to their nests. Because the workers leave a scented pheromone trail wherever they find food, so even if you kill the ants that you can see, other ants will keep coming, damaging your yard and in the worst cases trailing into your kitchen. This is why over-the-counter pest products often fail to get the job done – they do nothing to eliminate the source of the problem. This is when you need to contact a colorado springs exterminator to get the job done.

Deft Pest Solutions: Your Local Pest Control Company

At Deft Pest Solutions, our professional, trained exterminators utilize the latest pest control technology to combat ants with special baits and non-repellant residuals to trick the ants into taking it back to the colony. All of our products are used safely and effectively to protect our customers’ homes. Call us today to schedule your ant pest control service in Colorado Springs with an experienced Colorado Springs exterminator.

Spiders are another common pest. With eight legs, hair, and lots of eyes, spiders are one of the most common fears that people have, and some of them are dangerous. The black widow is a poisonous spider that is commonly found in garages, crawl spaces, and basements throughout Colorado Springs. For your safety, it is recommended that you never deal with a spider infestation on your own. A pest control professional is trained and equipped to deal with spiders safely, quickly, and effectively.

Deft Pest Solutions is proud to provide exceptional quality and prompt service to our customers. We offer the best ant & spider control in Colorado Springs. All of our exterminators have been professionally trained and our top priority is always the safety of our customers. Our integrated pest control plans will control the activity you are having now, and create a protective barrier around your home to prevent new pests from invading.