One of the most common pest problems people face across Colorado is mice.  Deft Pest Solutions exists to protect homes and families with our environmentally friendly year-round services, and our business thrives because we do the right thing to take care of our customers.

Where Are Mice Coming From?

Being one of the most common pests on the planet, mice are always around the outside of homes. Just like us, they do not enjoy being left out in the open during times of extreme temperatures and inclement weather, which is why spikes in rodent activity typically occur as things begin to cool down toward the end of fall and last through the cold winter months.  Additionally, during the hot stretches of Colorado’s summer months, mice like to find relief from the heat by heading indoors.  Mice truly are a year-round concern. If that concern is growing, you should contact Deft Pest Solutions today, for mice and rodent extermination in Pueblo.

Mice investigate the perimeter of the home looking for cracks and crevices with warm air escaping. If they are able to fit through these entry points, they will leave a scent trail for other mice to follow. This form of communication unfortunately is an open-door invitation for other mice. Hence the reason if you see one mouse chances are high there are several others nearby. Because mice are so small, young mice can fit through any hole that is larger than a dime, meaning that a thorough investigation is essential to preventing invasion from these tiny mammals.

Solving the Problem & Keeping Mice Out

Most people don’t realize they have a mouse problem immediately, only discovering the issue when they open the pantry and find food packaging with holes chewed into it. Rodent droppings are another clear sign of a problem. By this point, the mouse has already gotten comfortable inside, and has even invited some friends to live in your house as well! If you have reached this point, it is absolutely time to contact a premier mice exterminator at Deft Pest Solutions.

Mice and rodent extermination in Pueblo is a multi-step process. Due to the unsanitary nature of rodents, pest control is best left to the professionals.  First, a professional performs a thorough inspection of the home to find out what areas have been affected by rodent activity and identifies how rodents are entering the home. Then, they will focus on solving the immediate problem by setting traps in safe and strategic places to control the activity within the home.

Once the initial activity has been addressed, the next steps involve ongoing prevention by sealing up identified entry points around the home.  Bait stations may be installed around the perimeter of the home to reduce the population of mice trying to get inside. Once mice have found a way into your home, it is important to maintain consistent rodent control around the exterior of the home to prevent new activity.

Deft Pest Solutions Can Handle Your Mouse Problem – Today!

Deft Pest Solutions’ technicians are well equipped, highly capable, seasoned professionals who have “deftly” handled mouse problems in homes all across Southern Colorado. We know how to deal with mice that are inside the home, and our year-round, environmentally friendly service will protect you from mice moving forward.

We are dedicated to always doing the right thing, and we provide a superior service for our customers. Call us today for a free inspection and quote, and find out how easy it is for you to have mice and rodent extermination in Pueblo by Deft Pest Solutions! Experience the Deft Difference when you work with premier mice exterminators!