Protect your home and family from mouse and rat problems. Mice and rats present serious health risks especially in kitchens or play areas for children.



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Rats can also cause significant damage to your home and furniture by gnawing wood and plastic. Mice and rodents can even cause fires by gnawing electrical lines in homes and vehicles. We have pest control experts who can get rid of mice in the house

Do you suspect mice or rats have invaded your home? Do you hear noises in your home? Homes (basements, attics, and crawlspaces) are perfectly suited for rats and mice. Damage to stored objects and electrical cables is not uncommon which can cause fires. Inspect your home and look for visible signs of entry points, urine, and signs of habitation, such as droppings.

Mice Extermination In Home

Mice treatment at home should be quick to avoid infestation. The first defense is to deny them access to the home by plugging holes or cracks. Mice can fit into a 1/4inch hole. We offer a highly effective professional Mice removal service to prevent or control a mouse invasion.

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With Deft Pest, you make the choice of a reliable partner in the fight against mice and any other nuisance problem. Our Mice control services are fast, efficient and offer the highest level of security for your family and pets.

Avoid the problems and dangers of mice, do not let them harm your health and your hygiene standards. If you have a mouse infestation in your home, contact us without delay: send us an email or call us on 719-375-2576!


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