Springtails are tiny jumping pests that seldom scare homeowners by emerging in vast quantities in humid indoor spaces such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and in the soil of houseplants. They may also be found outdoors in swimming pools, wet landscaped areas, and on the surface of mud puddles. They usually appear in the springtime and early summer, but they can also be found year-round in moist environments.


All Season Springtail Pest Control in Colorado Springs

Because they are known for jumping when disturbed, springtails are sometimes confused with fleas. However, springtails do not bite humans or pets, nor do they spread disease or damage household furnishings. They are mainly a problem with their presence.

Most springtails are harmless scavengers, feeding mainly on decaying organic matter. Some species may damage plants by chewing on the roots and leaves. The seedlings may appear wilted and may die if damaged when young.

Springtails can become a nuisance around swimming pools when they fall in and drown in large numbers, often coating the pool surface. Although unsightly in the pool, they can be safely removed without cause for concern. Deft Pest Solutions offers you various treatments against springtails, effective and long-term. All our treatments are carried out with respect for the environment and on top of all, your health. 


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