Top Tips to Preventing an Infestation in Colorado Springs

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Top Tips to Preventing an InfestationAsk a new resident of Colorado why they made the move, and you’ll often hear that they wanted to be closer to nature and take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle Colorado offers. Once people settle into the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, they rarely leave voluntarily because of its clean mountain air, an abundance of fresh streams and rivers, and miles of ski slopes, hiking trails, and outdoor sporting opportunities.

But the indoor-outdoor life Colorado offers does have one drawback: a propensity for unwanted pests to take up residence inside your home because of the constant in-and-out lifestyle. At Deft Pest Solutions, we advise customers on how to prevent pests from moving in and making themselves at home.

Top Tips for Avoiding an Infestation

At Deft Pest Solutions, we know how to stop bug infestations and other problems before they ever begin with steps like these:

  • Keep your place tidy and clean. Food that’s out of containers attracts insects and rodents, and clutter gives pests places to hide. Prevent pest infestations by sealing food in containers and keeping household items put away.
  • Landscape mindfully, making sure not to create ideal spots for pests to hide or nest. Keep bushes, mulch, and trees at least 12 feet away from your doors and foundation. Also, periodically inspect your home for small holes in your foundation through which pests could enter. Ensure your weather stripping is in good condition as well.
  • Inspect your home for standing water that pests could be drawn to. The most common culprits that collect water (which then attract pests) are under spigots, under sinks, and in the basement. Surprising sources that we have found pests are drawn to include water bowls for pets and house plant drip trays. By elminating pests’ water source, you make your home less attractive to them.
  • No one likes stinky garbage, except pests like insects and rodents. If your garbage contains food, make sure you seal it tightly and take it out in a timely manner. Don’t keep garbage bins near your home’s exterior, and don’t let trash overflow inside or outside your home.
  • Stay on top of pet waste clean up by setting aside a certain time of the day to take care of it, hiring a pooper scooper service, or creating an area away from your house for pets to do their business.

Deft Pest Solutions: Environmentally friendly, all-season pest program

We at Deft Pest Solutions offer an all-season pest program designed to meet the demands of homeowners to keep pests out, no matter the weather, season, or temperature. We know that in Colorado, you might be picnicking in the backyard in the morning and have blizzard conditions by the afternoon, and we know how pests react to such changing conditions.

At Deft Pest Solutions, we know the pests that are most common throughout Colorado and what is most effective in ridding your home of them in the most environmentally safe ways. We are locally owned with a commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality residential service and customer experience. Call us today!

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