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The Need for Safe Wasp Removal in Pueblo

Wasps are one of the most common pest problems during the spring and summer in North America, widely feared for their painful sting. They frequently build nests in the eaves of homes and sheds, on tree branches, and occasionally even underground.

Because wasps are so aggressive toward intruders, homeowners should take caution to avoid contact with these pesky insects. Their sting is especially dangerous to those with allergic reactions. We strongly recommend against trying to remove wasp nests on your own and leave it to a professional wasp exterminator with the proper safety equipment and training.

The Professional Approach to Wasp Removal in Pueblo, CO

Effective wasp removal requires a safe and coordinated approach. A pest control professional will thoroughly inspect the area with wasp activity, as well as the surrounding area, to create a plan to approach the nest and treat it effectively.

Oftentimes, the wasp and hornet exterminator in Pueblo, CO will utilize a combination of aerosol flushing/pesticide agents and a residual powder to treat the wasps and to prevent new activity. In situations where the nest is accessible, it will be removed to prevent other pests from moving in.

After the initial problem is controlled, the exterminator will treat the perimeter of your home to prevent new activity. Regular exterior treatments are essential for preventing wasps, as well as many other kinds of pests, from invading your home. Our customers love the comfort of knowing that their home is protected!

Living Pest Free

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