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Deft is locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs by Danny Bajza and Beau Bajza. Our focus is providing the customer with the highest quality residential pest service and a top notch customer experience.

Beau was born and raised in Colorado Springs. He graduated UCCS with a degree in finance. He always felt that one day he would like to own his own business, but wasn’t sure where his path would lead.  Deft has given him the opportunity to serve the community that he has always loved.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs Danny pursued a professional career in Motocross and Supercross until his early twenties. He has worked in the pest industry for the last 9 years in the DC area. Danny is married with 3 young kids and is looking forward to serving the people of Colorado Springs with their pest control needs.

Core Values

Do the right thing

Integrity is everything.

Be the solution

We are in the business of solving problems.

Sharpen the saw

Embrace learning and challenges.

Us before me

See the bigger picture.

Burn the ship

Commitment and passion are paramount.

Attitude of Gratitude

Give back. The happiest people give the most.


We Believe In Protecting Homes And Families From Pests Through Our Environmentally Friendly, All Season Service.