Winter Pest Control in Colorado Springs

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Winter Pest Control Colorado SpringsRead about pests that invade your home in the winter, and how Deft Pest Solutions can help you!

After the first snowfall each winter in Colorado, we often get calls from people who are perplexed – the summer weather is gone, and they don’t see insects flying around outside anymore, but they are finding more pests than ever inside of their home!

For many people, there is a perception that cold weather means that pests have died off for the year, but this is simply not true. It is important to keep up barriers for winter pest control in Colorado Springs. Certain pest will survive by finding warm places with access to food and water, which often means invading an unsuspecting person’s home. In fact, we observe an increase in activity for certain types of winter pests during this time of year, especially spiders and mice. If you have mice in your home in winter, contact our professionals today!

Winter-proofing a home from pests is a challenge that is best tackled by professionals, because a lot of the work can be done preemptively, before any issues arise. A pest control professional can protect your family by applying a barrier treatment to the exterior of the home that will continue to control pests as they approach the home looking for a place to stay warm, along with treating cracks and crevices inside the home to take care of pests that might already be inside. Furthermore, our team at Deft Pest Solutions can provide an additional layer of protection to critical areas such as garages, basement utility rooms, and maintenance areas.

What about mice?

In addition to thoroughly searching the home for telltale signs of invading mice like droppings and rub marks, a pest control provider will seek out any vulnerabilities in your home that could allow mice to get inside. This will help to keep your barriers strong for winter pest control in Colorado Springs.  A good rule of thumb is that if a hole is the size of a penny, a mouse can probably fit through it. If you are finding mice in your home in the winter, you need to contact one of our experts who can help you deal with the issue deftly.

Common entry points for mice include:

  • Holes around pipes that have not been properly sealed
  • Garage doors that no longer shut tightly
  • Gaps between building materials around the foundation of the home

Winter proofing your home against mice includes identifying and sealing entry points, controlling and removing mice if they are already inside, removing debris and stored items from around the home, and potentially placing bait stations to ensure mice do not come inside your home.

At Deft Pest Solutions, we are the experts in winter pest control in Colorado Springs and the surrounding regions. Our technicians are knowledgeable professionals who have dealt with pest issues in a variety of homes throughout El Paso County, and are equipped to deal with protecting any residence from pests all year long. Call us today to make sure that your home is ready for winter, and to find out how to have a pest free home all year long!

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